Man sentenced to death in Singapore on Zoom call

According to Khaleejtimes , Due to the Coronavirus pandemics that affect all businesses and economy , A man was sentenced to death by hanging through zoom calls

A judge in Singapore has sentenced a man to death via a Zoom video-call for his role in a drug deal, one of just two known cases where a (punishment by death) legal decision has been delivered remotely.

Punithan Genasan, a 37-year-old Malaysian, was told on Friday he would be hanged for directing a 2011 drug transaction, court documents showed, as the country was under lockdown to try and curb its coronavirus sudden start of something bad like a disease.

For the safety of all involved in the (series of events), the hearing for Public Lawyer (who tries to prove someone guilty) Punithan A/L Ganesan was managed and done by video-conferencing,” a spokesperson for Singapore‘s Supreme Court said in response to Reutersquestions, referring to restrictions forced (by law) to treat something important as the unimportant virus spread.

It was the first criminal case where a death legal punishment was obvious by remote hearing in Singapore, the spokesperson added.

Rights groups have criticised the use of video-calls for (punishment by death) legal decisions, including a case in Nigeria earlier this month which criminal justice (watchdogs) Fair Trials said was the first death legal punishment to be delivered remotely.

Genasan’s lawyer, Peter Fernando, said he did not object to Friday‘s judgment being delivered on Zoom.

He said the judge could be heard clearly and as it was the legal decision no other legal arguments were presented. However, he said, his client is thinking about a (taking a court case to a higher court for review) against the legal decision.

California-based tech firm Zoom didn’t answer a request for comment made via its representatives in Singapore. The Lawyer General‘s chamber, the public lawyer (who tries to prove someone guilty) in the case, did not immediately have a comment.

Many court hearings in Singapore have been (ended a meeting) during a lockdown period that started in early April and is due to run until June 1, while cases thought of extremely important has been held remotely.

Singapore has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs and has hanged hundreds of people including dozens of foreigners for narcotics offences over past at least 20 years, rights groups say.

Singapore‘s use of the death penalty is basically and mostly cruel and cruel and shocking, and the use of remote technology like Zoom to (apply a legal punishment to) a man to death makes it even more so,” said Human Rights Watch‘s deputy director for Asia, Phil Robertson.

Amnesty International‘s death penalty advisor Chiara Sangiorgio said: “Whether via Zoom or in person, a death legal punishment/time spent punished is always cruel and cruel and shocking.

This case is another reminder that Singapore continues to fight against international law and standards by forcing (by law) the death penalty for drug (moving things illegally from one place to another).”

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