Fiancée Dumps By Husband To Be,for getting pregnant for another man

To be a scum is probably not a matter of gender however the term;”Men Are Scum” is a popular saying amongst aggrieved women who have chronicles of unpleasant experiences with men.

A touching story by a Lagos police DPRO would leave you with questions like; are men really scum?

Aliyu Giwa, Lagos police DPRO has shed some light on a seemingly personal ordeal as in this case his friend was set up after dumping his fiancée for getting pregnant for another man.

Sadly, despite the fact that she meted such cruelty and betrayal to his friend, she couldn’t deal with the punishment of being dumped and the unrepentant lady resorted to a frame up that could have destroyed the life of a promising young man.

Read his story below;

I have an intriguing story to tell. Watch for the thread around 10am. But before then, I always hear that “MEN ARE SCUM”, are they?

A friend called me that faithful day, “Hello Aliyu, some Policemen stopped me, they have being searching me and inside my car for the past 20mins. They didn’t find anything on me, but they insisted on taking me to their station.”

I said “Okay, please hand the phone to the most Senior Officer there” my friend: Oga, Please a Police Officer wants to talk to you sir. The Police Officer: (at the back ground) who’s he?

My friend: Aliyu Giwa, Deputy PPRO Lagos State command. The Police Officer (at the background): not talking to anyone till we get to the Police station. They hung up on me and seized his phone. So, I called back and asked him(my friend) which of the Police station?

He said “Ketu Police station”. In my words I said “okay, go with them will meet you there”. I came through as usual, met him at the Police station (Ketu). Me: “Baba how far now and how your side” we shook hands. My Friend: Baba, I dey oh! Na your people oh!

Me: “Na our people joor!” Wetin happen bros? This is where the main story started. According to him (My Friend), he just finished having a little meeting with his supposed to be wife’s brother based on some issues we were having lately (with his supposed to be wife),

so after our talk and all, he begged me to help drop off his friend whom i met with.I said no wahala! So I dropped him off when he got to his destination.Few second later after I dropped the guy I help at the bus-stop, i noticed something strange on the car seat & the floor mat !

Baba!behold,bullets!!!(abt 5 live bullets).So I stopped immediately to look for the guy,I couldn’t find him.Then what I did was to pack & throw them away. In my mind I wondering what’s going on here! Just after driving for abt 3mins,I met the Police Officers who brought me here.

I just had to take a deep breath! “Hmmmm” So I asked him did you tell them all this! My friend: No, I didn’t ! Baba how now! Me : Okay, let me hear from them. So, I met with the Inspector (team lead) to ask him what the problem was.

Inspector: we suspect him to be an armed robber! Information reaching us. At that point I was wondering if this wouldn’t put me in a mess! But I had to summon some courage in solving this issue! So asked the inspector did you find anything incriminating on him?

Inspector: No sir! We didn’t! But I noticed one of his colleague making series of calls,( in of his calls he was like are “You sure you saw the bullet”?). Then that’s where i knew something was fishy.

Immediately, I decided to see the DPO of the station. Met with the DPO, a great man and a man with an outstanding reputation though, so i narrated what happened. DPO : AO (Admin Officer) please, call me the Inspector and his team. AO: okay sir!

DPO: Do you know the young man well enough, Giwa? Because I will make sure this case is investigated properly. Me: Yes sir, I do! DPO : Good enough. Then AO came in with my fiend, the inspector and his team.

DPO : asked who’s the young man they brought to the station. My friend: Sir! DPO: what’s your name and where do you work? My friend: my name is Teddy, I don’t live here(Nigeria), just got in from the state. DPO: okay!

The DPO then asked the Inspector and his team what happened, then asked my friend too. They all narrated their stories! The DPO then told the AO( admin officer) to take my friend to his office to enable him ask the Inspector and his team few confidential questions.

My friend left the DPO’s office. The DPO then asked the confidential questions he wanted to ask, and kaboom!! We figured it out that someone actually informed one of the Police Officer about my friend.

DPO : Okay, good someone gave you an information. Please call the informant and tell him to come around. Sergeant: Okay sir. He called the informant, good enough his phone was on speaker. Sergeant: Hello!

Informant: Hello sir, “ sergi Oloye the turkey done lay egg?”
“For one corner, i just dey wonder which turkey wan lay egg? 😂😂”
The DPO silently told the Sergeant “tell him(informant) to come around. The informant said he’s coming!
Let me just cut the long story short!

The informant didn’t come.
My friend was released on bail.
The DPO realized that the Inspector and his team were playing dirty. So he ordered for their arrest until the informant is available.

Fast forward the next day! The so call informant showed up! The DPO interrogated him and he confessed that “it was a setup but the inspector and his team ain’t aware of the fact that it was all planned up.”

He also mentioned that the guy in question (that’s my friends) wife to be is his friend and she wanted to deal with him.
DPO asked : why??
Informant: because he canceled their engagement which was supposed to hold next weekend.

Honestly I am trying to make this story as succinct as possible! I have got too many distractions; kindly pardon me for that. At the end of the day, the girl was apprehended and the guy (my friend) was invited.
The guy’s reasons for cancelling the engagement are that:

1. He rented and furnished an apartment where both of them will reside in whenever he is in Nigeria. (Which she lives in). To his utmost surprise, he caught her cheating with evidence in the said apartment.

Her response to his allegations was: ‘who knows what you are doing in USA as well?’

2. He further claimed that: He gives her one thousand dollars monthly for her upkeep when she claimed to be pregnant for him.

Few weeks before my coming back to Nigeria she claimed to have lost the pregnancy, yet, I was subjected to pay the hospital bills of about four thousand dollars. Long story short!

3. He realized that she had been lying to him and the pregnancy was never his. It was when she realized that we were getting married soon she had to terminate the pregnancy.

In her response, she said “Teddy you were not serious because you stopped giving me attention! You were always busy working and working ! So I felt you were not serious”

The DPO asked if that was why she acted in that manner?
The Lady replied that She had been engaged with another guy for whom She was pregnant. However,when Teddy became serious she had to fight the other guy she was engaged to and terminated the pregnancy she had for him.

Me I just dey my side dey observe. Abeg who be the original scum for here? Or when is it proper to call someone a scum?

Well, both the lady and the guy who framed my friend have been charged to court.

Have a great weekend fam!

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