Mob of women attack Nigerian footballer in Dubai after he rejects massage

 A mob of women attacked a Nigerian footballer in a Dubai street and bit his arm before stealing his wallet after he rejected the offer of a massage from one of them, a court heard on Sunday.

The 26-year-old victim was walking to his car in Naif at around 7pm in February of this year when a woman from Uganda stopped him and offered him a massage as well as sexual services.

When the victim rejected these advances a group of women attacked him.

“I told her I did’t want to have massage and she was angry and pushed me,” said the victim in court records. “I was surprised when a group of about seven to 10 women attacked me.

“One snatched my Dh2,500 golden necklace and another bit me,” the victim added.

The women stole Dh3,715 from his wallet and also took his expensive watch.

“I was afraid and escaped, but returned with a friend and caught the defendant. I took her to Naif Police station, reported the incident and went to Dubai hospital to get a medical report,” the Nigerian victim added.

He claimed the road was busy with people and that he suffered a cut in his left arm due to the bite.

Dubai Police arrested the woman but the others are still at large.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged a 33-year-old woman with robbery, encouraging others to commit sin and practicing prostitution.

The next hearing is scheduled for August 16, until then the defendant remains in custody.

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